Widely used for sweetening purpose, used in canned food, beverages, preserved food, or confectionary.
Saccharin sodium (with two crystalline water)

Saccharin sodium (with two crystalline water)

Product Details

Saccharin sodium (containing two crystalline water)

Chemical name: Sodium O-benzoic Sulfimide

Molecular formula: C7H4NO3SNA 2H2O

Molecular Weight: 241.20


Colorless crystal, non-toxic, odorless or light aromatic. Easily soluble in water.8-12 Mesh saccharin Sodium is a common mesh size. Widely used in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage ProcessingSodium Saccharin is 500 times times the sweetness of sucrose, 0 calories, human intake does not absorb, does not increase the blood sugar value, suitable for diabetics intake. It can be used as a sweetener in the food industry, for the provision of beverages, sweets, etc., and commonly used sweeteners.

  • Feed additive: Domestic animal feed, sweet and so on.

  • Daily chemical and pharmaceutical: toothpaste, mouthwash, eye drops and so on.

  • Electroplating industry: electroplating grade saccharin sodium used in electroplating nickel, as a brightener.

1. Specification:

Appearance: Colorless transparent crystal
Content: ≥99.0%
Dry weightlessness: ≤15%
Arsenic: ≤0.0002%
Lead: ≤0.0002%

2. Packaging

4-6 eyes, 5-8 heads, 6-8 heads, 8-10 heads, 8-12 heads, 8-16 heads, 10-20 heads, 20-40 heads, 40-80 heads, etc.

The conventional packing is 25 kg/bag. Can be customized to meet customer needs.

3. Sample

5-8 Mesh saccharin Sodium

8-10 mesh saccharin Sodium


10-20 Mesh saccharin Sodium



20-40 Mesh saccharin Sodium


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