Why is anhydrous saccharin sodium likely to be a healthier diet?

- 2018-05-03-

In the 2015, the World Health Organization called on countries and institutions to take active action to reduce carbohydrate intake, thereby reducing the growth of obese and diabetic populations. National legislation and international regulations will, to a certain extent, affect people's eating habits and attitudes. But national legislation usually leads to a one-size-fits-all regulation of food suppliers and service providers. Whether we benefit from or suffer from policy, the most important thing is to recognize why sugar, (or more broadly, carbohydrates) can cause stress in the body's metabolism, while anhydrous saccharin sodium may be a healthier diet.

InMillions of years ago,The Long Paleolithic, hunting collection is the only survival skills of human beings, then humans rely on animal meat, fish, collecting fruits and vegetables for a living, the intake of sugar is very small.

The invention of agriculture, the cultivation of rice and wheat,Humans begin to eat a lot of carbohydrates (mSurfacePotatoesCorn)。Agriculture is not in existence.10,000 years, time occupies 1% of human history.

IndustrialSociety and letHumanIntakeA large number of carbohydrates, fine rice flour, all kinds of processed foodbecame the main source of food we now have.Dental caries, obesity and diabetes are health problems associated with a high carbon-water diet.

We eat sugar from staple foods and sweets and desserts, and immediately increase the amount of glucose in our blood. The body's insulin is the hormone that promotes the body's absorption of sugar and converts it into fat. Diabetes is a disease caused by insulin disorders. Diabetics, as well as those with gestational diabetes, need to avoid rice flour and sugar. Sugar in the human body decomposition of the product, will corrode teeth, produce cavities. So we tell children to eat less sugar, it is very reasonable.

Anhydrous saccharin Sodiumis actually a long history of sweeteners, and is a good sugar replacement.

Anhydrous saccharin sodium itself does not have the energy, also does not become the glucose, increases the body metabolism the burden. High-quality anhydrous saccharin sodium is very stable in food and will not be absorbed by the body after ingestion. A very small amount of sweetness can be produced to meet the taste and taste needs. A lot of scientific research also shows enough evidence to show the safety of anhydrous saccharin sodium on human body. Nowadays, many countries in the world, including the United States with extremely strict food requirements, accept anhydrous saccharin sodium as a harmless food additive.



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