A video that gives you an idea of the safety of methyl ester oil

- 2018-05-03-

A video that lets you knowMethyl ester OilThe security


This video, recorded withMethyl ester OilSynthesis ofThe experimental process of "expelling the bird Agent". "Repellent" can guide the birds to find a more suitable for their lives in the forest, so as to protect the forests and birds of the dual role. "Repellent" is food grade, the U.S. Food Safety department EPA put "repellent" the main ingredient, namelyMethyl ester oil, which is classified as a natural biological chemical substance. It doesn't taste like a bird.Welcome, and there is no heat, even if the birds eat them, still need to move to the food more abundant place."Repellent" in the observation and testing process, there is no bird, any small animal (such as squirrels), and any tree because of "repellent agent" and illness or death. The main original of the "repellent agent"MaterialMethyl ester OilNo odor, natural degradation, to ensure the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.


"Repellent" can also be used in a variety of airports to avoid birds to the need for low flying aircraft pose a deadly threat. The "repellent Agent" is also used in landfills. It is rich in food and often attracts a large number of birds to come for food. The environment of landfills is particularly suitable for bacterial and viral reproduction, and birds become potential carriers. "Repellent agent" used in golf courses, farms, farmland, fish ponds and so on, can give people the economic benefits of the place, reduce the health risks of plants and animals.

Video Time length6 minutes, key wordsSearchMethyl ester OilCanTo find out, the title is"Chemical Ecology Experiment/bird Repellent"


The image is: methyl ester oil repellent


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