Analysis of production chain of Fuxin dry Yi Fine Chemical industry in saccharin sodium factory

- 2018-05-03-

Saccharin Sodium FactoryAnalysis of production chain of Fuxin dry-yi Fine Chemical industry


Gan Yi Fine Chemical industry is the first in Liaoning province authorized by the StateSaccharin Sodium Factory。 into their factory, a vast field of vision, the factory neat and orderly, bright production of the banner silhouetted against the sky, very eye-catching.


Saccharin Sodium Factory is specialized in the production of methyl ester oil from phthalic anhydride to methyl sulfonamide chain, the production of high-end pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates, including methyl ester oil, saccharin and saccharin sodium, as well as methyl sulfonamide; These products are produced in5000t or so. When it was established in 2015, they used abundant funds to equip with the domestic advanced production line and equipment, in order to achieve the goal of automatic production of high-quality products.


Young Wan has personally painted the production upstream and downstream icons, explaining their product lines to us. The use of the international advanced"Phthalic anhydride method" production. The factory has more than 300 technical workers, into the production of the above products. Starting from phthalic anhydride, synthetic methyl ester oil, and sulfa, for marketing and personal use of raw materials. The methyl sulfadiazine of the dry Yi provides 90% of the market in China.


In order to ensure product quality, production stability, they are equipped with waste water treatment equipment, there are two basketball courts so large land, underground andMore than 10 meters deep. It is completely environmental standards, is a synthesis from phthalic anhydride methyl ester oil to methyl sulfonamide capacity, stable high yieldManufacturers of chain production


Picture: The panorama of the factory


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