Fuxin Qianyi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Fuxin gan Yi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates research and development, production and sales of specialized production enterprises,Factory covers an area of about102 Acres。 Company was founded inOctober 2015, officially put into production on October 18, 2017. The company is located in the North fluorine chemical industry base---that is Liaoning province Fuxin Fu Mon County yi, map fluoride chemical Industry Park.

In the large-scale operation, the development of standardized management, the company uphold"Strengthen technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness" of the enterprise development concept, to brand as the guide, the establishment of modern enterprise management system, optimize the operation process, the development of high value-added fine chemical intermediates products, to provide employees with full display of talent stage, to provide customers with economic benefits.

The chemical industry will strictly pursue"To build the world's brand" enterprise positioning objectives, pooling many advantages of resources, with strong economic strength, the introduction of production and automation equipment, leading the new direction of chemical production, for the company to establish a solid market share, to achieve high-quality products, high demand lay the foundation.

The company has a strong scientific research strength, with experienced research and development and production of technical personnel. The introduction of a group of professional production Technology team, the professional products dedicated to customers, and for each production link, from raw materials procurement to finished products out of the library, are strictly enforce the quality control. The establishment of a perfect laboratory, equipped with advanced equipment, all kinds of products of physical and chemical performance testing, the production of the production department of finished goods, semi-finished products for sampling or testing, timely elimination of unqualified product, to ensure that the quality of products in line with customer requirements, at the same time for the company's sustainable development research to provide effective data.

The company will rely on product quality excellence and marketing team's struggling development, establish a solid and constantly expand the market space, marketing network will cover a large number of regions, with many customers to develop long-term sales plan, set up a sound and perfect after-sales service network, the high value-added products to each party customers.



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